A bit of a love story...

Matt and Jessica Farmer have owned Vintage Paris since 2012. They met there, got engaged there, and got married there. At the original location in Downtown Hollister, they celebrated their first anniversary as owners of Vintage Paris while living on the second-floor loft. Since then, Vintage Paris has grown into more than a coffee shop. It is a community and it is a family.

This story doesn't stop with Matt and Jess. It is a spark that has ignited the entire community to create their own stories.

Have memories and stories of your own at Vintage Paris? Let us know:


Who We Are

We seek to be known by our generosity not our profit margin. We seek to grow our riches in mercy rather than wealth, influence, and market dominance.

In a world that operates on money and power, this is can be a hard way to run a business, but we are up for the challenge because it brings restoration and redemption in our community.

Our Vision: Unite and sustain a community of love that shows the world what God is like 

Our Mission: Create memories, friendships, and opportunities in our local community